How to Write a Narrative

Useful information on writing techniques We Love Books, and We Know about Books. Style and character, plot, setting, and theme are essential elements of fiction writing. At its most basic level, style can be defined as the writer’s ‘voice’. Style is apparent in an author’s word choice and the way they structure their sentences. There are four main modes of rhetorical writing. They are:• Description (sensory details – sight, smell, touch, sound, taste – depicting scenery, location, temperature, and so on, are used to convey…

Don’t Compromise the Integrity of your Work

Publishers and Writers

Exploitation from Publishing Houses Writing is not just a source of income for most people; it is a passion and skill they love and want to recognise. Writers are the blessed ones who can express themselves in the best possible manner. In most of society, they play an essential role in bringing out the best of the masses. If a writer is given his due share in building a civilised society, he can do wonders by propagating positive values and increasing awareness about the key…

What Writers Should Avoid


Don’t make the same mistakes that many good writers do Language is a tool to express your feelings and emotions. You can use it while speaking and if you want to share something with others. But, not everyone is good at using the language effectively and getting the idea across. It requires a unique ability to convey your message such that it has the same effect and impact on the other person, which you want. Writing is one of the best ways of sharing your…

Corporate Documents need to be Edited

  Corporate writers are needed because they have the knowledge and expertise required to write a corporate document. For example, lawyers often write chapters of legal textbooks because they understand the content of the chapter. PR representatives write press releases because they know the structure of these documents. Engineers might be contracted to write a government tender because they understand the logistics of a building proposal. However, these corporate writers are hired to understand the topic and not for their ability to edit their work….

The Magic of Books


A few years ago, I remember reading a cartoon where the little boy held out a book to his father, asking, “What is this?” His father replied, “It’s a sort of primitive television.” Since that little joke was published, books have taken on a second identity. Somebody found a way to put them on the screen of a small gadget that you can take out of your pocket and read when you want. It is almost like a marriage between books and television. This idea…

Self Publishing Versus Traditional Publishing

Book Printing Knowledge Empowers

Should I publish my book myself or take it to a publisher? The debate continues as to which one is better. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Whether you are a beginner or not, there is little doubt that at least tipping a toe into the waters of self-publishing holds many benefits. Advantages of self-publishing First, the financial benefit you will receive is much greater than those generated by publishing through a publishing house. You sell, and you take the money. There is nobody…

At the end of the day, how can you not realize your publishing dream with all that we have to offer!

Self Publishing Success

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