Book not selling?

One of the biggest complaints we hear from self-published authors is:
“My book is not selling. Can you help me?”

When we look at their book, this is what we find:
Here are some of the reasons why their self-published books don’t sell. In addition, I have included some vital information to assist self-published authors with their book sales.

1. Obscure subject—Naturally, books that do well are those in a popular niche.

If you want to tell your personal story, ensure its success by marrying your story into how-to steps your reader can take to change their lives.

For example, if you’re writing your story about surviving cancer, focus on a specific type of cancer (narrow your niche). Then, tell your readers how they can get results like you and how you got through it.

2. Poorly edited—Sure, your close friends and family will buy your book to support you, but all it takes is one bad Amazon review from a reader outside your circle to dampen your overall sales. On the other hand, if you have a list of devout followers who hang on to your every word, you can get them to give your book five stars on Amazon.

Have your book’s content professionally edited by a book publishing industry expert. You’ll go a long way towards satisfying your readers and getting strangers to sell your book for you by recommending it to their friends.

3. Poorly written— Having a manuscript appraisal completed before the editing part of the process is one step in the right direction. Hiring a professional book editor before publishing and printing is a must.

4. Unprofessional cover design—It is proven that a clean, professional, easy-to-read book cover design sells more books.

Believe me, when I tell you your readers will know the difference. A good book cover design has elements that draw the readers to click, learn more about your book and buy it.

5. Poor interior design— Are you using Microsoft Word or Adobe InDesign? There’s a reason book layout software exists and another reason why credited publishers use this software. MS Word is not a page layout program. However, it is one of the primary reasons self-published books get poor reviews or fails to sell because books formatted in MS Word scream, “Look at me! I’m self-published!”

A professional book layout designer understands the need for different spacing in the margins, paragraph styles, and bulleted lists and the importance of other types staying consistent.

6. Poor book formatting—Correct formatting is the key in the world of eBooks. Inadequate spacing, words appearing randomly, graphics overlaying text, whole chapters bold and italicised. Have your eBook professionally completed. Instant eBook programs can turn it into an eBook, yes. But the layout does not look appealing.

The more complex your layout is, especially if you created a print book with a professional designer first, the more you should invest in a good eBook programmer. These programmers specialise in eBook XHTML language (which can differ from your standard website code). They know what it takes to avoid most of these issues.

7. Whatever you do, don’t rush the process—Producing a high-quality book that sells takes time. The more corners you cut and the more you hurry the process, the more it will show in your finished product.

If you want to compete in the market, create high-quality work in polishing your writing and producing your final book.

8. Bookstore Requirements—A book signing at a brick-and-mortar store can be a massive deal for an author. Not only does it feel great, but many Barnes and Noble stores get their guest authors to appear on local news stations and be listed in newspapers.

Hey, this is free publicity for you! Meeting these rigid requirements will open other marketing doors for your book. If your book doesn’t meet their needs, you must focus mainly on online sales and any you can sell out of the trunk of your car.

9. Expectations—Many authors set their expectations so high that they become disappointed. You may sell one book or thousands. But, if you expect everyone to knock on your door because you just hit the “publish” button on your book, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

If you’re not careful, this disappointment can quickly lead to depression and a sense of failure, and those are emotions that may be hard to keep to yourself. Spread those feelings, and no one will want to buy your book, no matter how good your book is. Be realistic about your expectations, and be surprised and excited at your success!

10. Marketing—If your book meets everything on the list above, you must market it to sell it. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how your book gets published; you must market it. Again, you can do everything right, but if you don’t tell the world or make your book available to people, how can they consider buying your book?

Important reminders with self-publishing: Invest your time in learning. It’s the only way you’ll succeed as a self-published author.

Do it once! Do it right!

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3 Responses to “Book not selling?”
  1. Mandy Thomas says:

    You helped my dear uncle complete his book – ‘The Church What is it’.
    IN a time of desperation you were there to heighten our spirits. Thank you Love of Books for all your care and support. You worked through the day and night in order to get his book to him in his final days. He got to see his book in print before he passed. A life long dream you made come true. Loved and never forgotten.

  2. Joyce Livingstone says:

    I live in a remote location. I am not good with the computer. I just love drawing and writing children’s stories. Love of Books team took the lead and assisted me along the process of self publishing well and above what i ever imagined. It has been 8 years on now. I have published all my children’s books with Love of Books. Just put a new one in called: Pedro the Chihuahua. If it wasn’t for Love of Books I could not have done these books for sure. First time authors Love of Books I am so happy and are enjoying the publishing journey 8 years on.

    • Some great tips here, I think marketing your book through your own blog can really help with sales. I also recommend having a small budget on Amazon ads. Even if it just £1 a day. Target your audience through the correct search terms and your book will get seen by potential buyers. Good luck.

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