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Fences, Gates and Posts

When Sharon decided to give her book a go, that is just what she did.

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Sharon invested some quality hands-on time with her book’s marketing with a bit of help from the Love of Books team.

It is definitely about planning.

About the Author

Sharon is one of four sisters who spent their childhood on a dairy and cattle farm at Kidaman Creek in the Sunshine Coast hinterland in Queensland. She draws on her wealth of experiences, such as fencing, timber falling and cattle handling, to add authenticity to the pages and bring them to life as only a rural person can.

Sharon also draws on various rural teaching experiences (governess on remote cattle stations) and travelling in off the beaten track places to add colour to the book’s imagery.

About This Book

My interest in fences was sparked while I was travelling on a road train with my husband, who explained that a different fencing style could recognise the end of one property and the beginning of another. Fascination with gates was partly inspired when I noticed there were references to gates written in the old testament of the Bible.  As I was travelling, I saw some of the fences, gates, and posts’ aesthetic appeal, noticing how they varied. My collection began after more than a decade of travelling and collecting photos hoping to preserve history and highlight the importance of rural fences (and, for that matter) urban life.

Author: Sharon Pearson

Format: Hardcover

Retail Price: $40.00

Subject: Fences, Gates & Posts of Rural Australia

BISAC Categories: Rural studies, Students of Australian History, Tourism, Travel, Rural Landowners, Graziers, Fencing Industry, Australian Rural History

ISBN: 978-0-648-03345-5.     Publication date: 07/2017

Dimensions: A4 Landscape.  Pages: 152

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Book Reviews

[What I liked most about this book is that not only does it contain information on fences, gates and posts, but there are many pictures of the Australian landscape incorporated within the images.  The book is also a valuable documentary about Australia. It would assist students and immigrants likewise obtain an essential understanding of this country. It was a pleasure working with Sharon to launch this historically valuable, informative and well-illustrated book.   Ian Lewis: Director Love of Books Australia-wide]

[Sharon has produced a comprehensive Australian history photographic book after self-publishing her book, Fences, Gates & Posts of Rural Australia. Whilst travelling Australia for over a decade, Sharon Pearson collected research material photography and detailed historical notes for the book. It offers one the opportunity to learn about the little known facts about the Australian landscape’s formation and its history and progression towards its modernisation. Marie Folkes: Retired librarian at The Courier-Mail Queensland]  Love of Books

Key selling points

  • Well-illustrated with an extensive collection of colourful photos.
  • Well documented.
  • As a coffee table book, it makes a good conversation piece.
  • Navigation through the book is easy.
  • Australian History – learning/educational information.
  • Great gift idea

Book Launch at Kingaroy Library


It was a dynamic and busy morning at the Kingaroy Library. Sharon’s Book Launch was a huge success. The Love of Books staff met some lovely people—a friendly little town.

Guest speaker: Keith Campbell – Mayor Kingaroy.

Sharon organised a meeting with David Littleproud federal member for Maranoa. He bought a book!!! Going down to Canberra too!😀 Thanks, David. Good luck with the Warwick office opening tomorrow! — with David Littleproud MP.

I just had my first book published by Love of Books. The Love of Books team worked so hard with my sister and me to perfect all the files. The Love of Books team has been very accommodating. They even sent some early copies to where I was travelling to begin to market them. Thank you, Love of Books, so much to all of you for your tremendous help. As a first time author, I didn’t know what to expect, but they intended to help all the way. The files need to present well with it being a photographic book about Fences, Gates and Posts. It took a while, but it eventually came together, and I am delighted with the result. I hope some of your followers might even purchase some copies. Make sure you look for my FB page, which they also helped with setting up – Fences, Gates & Posts. There are some great photos of unique places in Australia. Thanks again Love of Books!

Thank you, Love of Books Australia-wide. My book is receiving some significant interest. We had a fantastic time with many people saying, “Oh, I remember those fences…” A great time and friendly library – the real community at Kingaroy.




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