Offset Printing VS Digital Printing

Authors often ask what the difference is Between Offset Printing VS Digital Printing. As a result, I have written this post.


Offset Printing


Offset Printing Advantages

• Large book orders can be printed cost-effectively.
• A wide range of paper types with custom finishes can be utilized.
• A wide range of colours, including Pantones as well as metallic, can be reproduced.
• Allows precise, crisp and accurate colour reproduction.
• Most up-to-date offset presses use computer-to-plate as opposed to the old computer-to-film system.

Above all, it offers superior image quality, with high-grade detail and colour fidelity, to ensure a clean, distinct and professional-looking finished product.

Offset Printing Disadvantages

• The per-unit cost of printing low quantities can be expensive.
• More production steps are required making the process more time-consuming.
• You cannot print just one copy when using offset printing because it’s time-consuming and, by far, not economical. Not even one single book proof copy IS OFFERED FROM AN OFFSET PRESS.

In summary, digital print samples are used when enlisting a print manager to print your large volume of material or books. These digital samples will closely resemble in colour the offset volume you will receive. Hence, no complete exact colour representation can be achieved between a digitally printed product and an offset printed product.


Digital Printing


Digital Printing Advantages

• Set-up costs are less for short runs.
• Shorter turnaround times.
• Variable data capability.
• It allows accuracy in proofing.

Digital Printing Disadvantages

• Most digital printing presses can only accommodate press sheets of 18″x12″.
• Digital presses cannot print Pantone colours.
• Compared to offset printing, digital print quality is generally lower, although often indistinguishable to the untrained eye.


Book Proofing

Printers will give a digitally printed sample only before setting up an offset machine to print a large batch of print material or books.

With digital printing, you get to see a close resemblance of how your book or printed material copies will turn out.  Thereby, what you see is the actual sample of the printed piece.

However, complete, accurate proofing can be very costly with offset printing.

Consequently, a setup of an offset press to print your proof copy can cost in thousands for one single book. However, to the untrained eye, the difference shown in print between digital print and offset print is barely noticeable.

Incidentally, authors have commented that with digital printing, the colours look deeper in colour on the paper. With offset printing, the colours are sharp and crisp, with more detail noticeable.

Offset Printing VS Digital Printing post is supplied for the use of authors.
The post, Offset Printing VS Digital Printing, was written in good faith.

All information was supplied by owners of print machines with printing businesses in Australia and overseas.

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