Offset Printing VS Digital Printing


Authors often ask what the difference is Between Offset Printing VS Digital Printing. As a result, I have written this post.   Offset Printing   Offset Printing Advantages • Large book orders can be printed cost-effectively. • A wide range of paper types with custom finishes can be utilized. • A wide range of colours, including Pantones as well as metallic, can be reproduced. • Allows precise, crisp and accurate colour reproduction. • Most up-to-date offset presses use computer-to-plate as opposed to the old computer-to-film…

Online Support for Self Publishers

Publishing for Beginners

Online Support How can we give you the support you need to self-publish your new book? You can download an application that lets us work with you on your computer to assist you on your publishing journey.   Let Us Begin: Instructions for Team Viewer Application Download the TeamViewer application from here – Click the ‘Windows Link’ first, located at the top of this page. Then click the green ‘Download Team Viewer Link’. It may prompt you to save the program setup file somewhere….

How to Write a Narrative

Useful information on writing techniques We Love Books, and We Know about Books. Style and character, plot, setting, and theme are essential elements of fiction writing. At its most basic level, style can be defined as the writer’s ‘voice’. Style is apparent in an author’s word choice and the way they structure their sentences. There are four main modes of rhetorical writing. They are:• Description (sensory details – sight, smell, touch, sound, taste – depicting scenery, location, temperature, and so on, are used to convey…

Book not selling?

Book Marketing Hints

One of the biggest complaints we hear from self-published authors is: “My book is not selling. Can you help me?” When we look at their book, this is what we find: Here are some of the reasons why their self-published books don’t sell. In addition, I have included some vital information to assist self-published authors with their book sales. 1. Obscure subject—Naturally, books that do well are those in a popular niche. If you want to tell your personal story, ensure its success by marrying your…

Sharon Pearson

Fences, Gates and Posts When Sharon decided to give her book a go, that is just what she did. Why did Sharon Pearson decide to visit the Love of Books website? It was the best option to assist with the publishing, printing and marketing of her new book? Care is our main point of difference.  That is who we are as individuals.  Our dedicated book publishing team will take time for you. Apples versus Apples: It may be true that you only get what you pay for….

Book Printing Tips

Valuable Tips for Book Printing Books are valuable because they broaden the knowledge of people. They serve as a vital resource of information ranging from different topics. They foster education and help develop people’s intellectual, analytical and communicative skills. Book printing is never easy if you don’t know what book to print and how. Given that, you should consider some essential factors for efficiently publishing your book. Here are some tips you must consider if you want your work published. Write a book Think of…

How to Self Edit

Corporate Documents need to be Edited

The human brain takes no nonsense. As long as you feed it with logical information, it is happy. As soon as you start feeding it with nonsense, it tries to decipher the nonsense and turn it into logic. Read the following sentence: I dnot konw why but I ahve no porlbem uderntsaning tihis snetcne. Most people will realise in the wink of an eye what this sentence is saying: I don’t know why, but I have no problem understanding this sentence. That is what makes…

Creators vs. Perfectors

Manuscript Editing Services

The importance of manuscript editors All word artists are not born equal. Some people are creative. Very often, creative people do not have too much love for commas and full stops. In many cases, they do not care about them. You do, however, get people who have turned accuracy into a creative skill. The world in which we live has a place for both the creators and the perfectors. If you are opening a dictionary right now to see if that is, in fact, a…

Tips: Successful Book Launch

Book Launch Tips

Book Launch Tips Authors, for a long time, it has been the focus of your life. You have spent many hours slowly filling the pages, carefully weighing each word, writing, rejecting and writing again, sometimes deep into the night. You have been dreaming of your first book launch. After an eternity of negotiating with publishers and editors, the day will dawn when finally you can hold your book in your hands. You are an author. Your message is ready for the world. The world, however,…

Different Editor’s Roles

How to Format a Book

Writers need to understand that there are different types of editing, and other people may be in charge of these areas of editing. Some writers may think that their piece needs a lot of structural editing; however, their publishing package may only include a proofread edit. Below are the different types of editing so that you know what to expect when finding a publisher for your novel.   1. Structural Editor Some consider this the most complex editing job of all. Structural editors break down…

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