Tips: Successful Book Launch

Book Launch Tips

Authors, for a long time, it has been the focus of your life. You have spent many hours slowly filling the pages, carefully weighing each word, writing, rejecting and writing again, sometimes deep into the night. You have been dreaming of your first book launch.

After an eternity of negotiating with publishers and editors, the day will dawn when finally you can hold your book in your hands. You are an author. Your message is ready for the world. The world, however, is far from ready for your message. It does not even know about it. That is why a book launch is so crucial. There are several steps you can take to ensure a successful book launch.

First, even if your book is very close to your heart and you see it as your very own baby, you must think with your mind and not with your heart. What you have in your hand is a product you want to sell. You’ve already put in so much hard work to make the first step a reality. You have your product.

The selling will be even harder. You are an author, not a salesman. Now is the time to get a team of salespeople aboard. They will be your key to a successful book launch. Although you should leave the promoting and selling in their hands, taking a few steps yourself won’t hurt. Book launches are multifaceted. There is much more than arranging with a bookshop to have your launch there on a Saturday morning. To buy your book, people must go to the shop to do just that.

You can help make this possible by planning the launch date well in advance to give yourself and your sales team enough time to prepare when the big day arrives. Choose a time when you actually have the opportunity to reach your target audience. If you have written a book for guys out to improve their golf swing, there is no sense in having your launch at a time when they are all happily busy at the office.

Having posters printed and putting them up in coffee shops and shopping malls is a good idea. Make sure that the message on the poster is the message that you want to get across. Also, make sure that your book has a presence on the Internet. Make sure that as many newspapers and magazines as you can think of that feature book reviews get a copy of your book. You have been confident enough in your idea to turn it into a book. The chances are that other people may feel the same and who knows, a successful book launch may turn you into a bestselling author.

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