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Offshore Book Printing –

Offshore Book Printing – Cheap and high quality. Custom Quality Book Printing.
We take care of all customs duties etc. Eco-Friendly – We use recycled paper, or in some cases, no trees are used—soy Ink is the preferred eco-friendly solution.
Let the experts handle the fine details with your offshore book printing requirements, and let your budget do the rest. Choose from several book printing options for all your Book Printing – China Offshore requirements.

Eco-Friendly Printing – NO Trees Used – Soy-Based Inks. 

Offshore Book Printing – Cheap and high quality. Custom Quality Book Printing requirements, are welcome.

We take care of all customs duties etc. Eco-Friendly – No Trees used or recycled paper and Soy Ink.

Please feel free to take advantage of our added support. Printing resources are provided with care and support to help set up your new book with added peace of mind.

View hints on book printing. You can find these resources throughout the posts on this website.

Book Binding Options

By collaborating with industry professionals, we maximise our expertise to bring you discounted rates, shipping costs, and fees—our experience allows addition to print books to fulfil any request, large or small.

All duties, taxes, delivery, etc., are wrapped in one single-quoted cost. So we take care of everything. Right, from the file check to the books delivered to your door.

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    We have established business relationships with quality vendors in China and offshore. We hand-select specific vendors based on our client’s needs and take care of everything. So count on us as the best possible option for a quality printing resource in China – offshore to maximise your profits and minimise potential risk.

    Working with an industry leader like us will ensure you can avoid paying costly mistakes. Please rest secure, knowing we are picky with whom we work. We only choose vendors with a long history of quality, expertise and timely production. We only work with Offshore Suppliers with a long history of making them and our clients happy. We do prefer to use local vendors whenever possible.

    Would you be ready to get it printed? Offshore Book Printing – Cheap and of the highest quality.

    Offshore Book Printing – Cheap and high quality. Custom Quality Book Printing.

    We take care of all customs duties etc. Eco-Friendly – No Trees used. Soy Ink.

    Could you chat with an expert about your book printing requirements? We’ll work with the right services to fit your unique needs.

    Please feel free to complete our request form to get started.

    Book Printing Process

    We recommend starting with a FREE consultation with one of our trained expert staff members to make sure we understand your unique needs. You can begin your discussion by filling out our request form above.

    Once your order is confirmed and a small monetary deposit is verified, you’ll receive an original press proof by mail. Generally speaking, it could take 10-14 business days after your order is confirmed (Printed) to arrive at your specified shipping address for offshore orders. So take your time with your book proof, make any necessary changes to your files and call your consultant if you are unsure of any part of the printing process.

    You can examine the press proof and make last-minute changes to the printing, binding, or finishing. Then, when you are 100% satisfied with your book proof copy, we will move forward to producing your new books. Production generally takes about four weeks after that to package and complete your order.

    *Expedited shipping via offshore is available by request.

    We are an established Australian offshore printing specialist with 12 years of experience in the overseas China printing industry trade. We understand the ins and outs of the printing process. We can help authors avoid costly mistakes. We work with only a few unique, tried and tested Chinese Book Printing Companies. This will save you time, money and expensive errors. Whether you’re a new or experienced author, we can help you become a published author.

    With book printing jobs that require more hands-on labour (spiral & double wire-o binding, custom cutting & finishing, etc.), these books save the most money with overseas printing due to inexpensive labour costs, regardless of the quantities.

    The paper stock for large book orders of 200 or more books is environmentally friendly. It is either wood-free or contains some recycled paper stock.

    The environment is important to us!

    Would you be ready to get it printed? Offshore Book Printing – Cheap and of the highest quality.

    Our printing resources support only green, environmentally-friendly printing factories with long-standing, proven credentials.

    These green printing initiatives include the use of non-toxic and recycled materials. FSC/COC certified materials, waste recovery, sewage treatment, low power consumption factories, EICC & FSC/COC certificates. We look forward to continuing these initiatives to ensure we remain at the forefront of environmental sustainability.

    Eco-Friendly Printing – NO Trees used along with Soy-Based Inks. 

    Risk Removed + Increased Profit

    Deal directly with a foreign offshore or China printing company at your peril!
    Due to client demand for large-run book printing, we have established relationships with competitive, reliable suppliers from China. They hold a state of the art facilities and print machines. We have forged strong relationships with their respective client managers.

    The quality of book printing produced by suitable overseas suppliers is absolutely suburb. Therefore, we have handpicked only the best. 


    Before we discuss offshore book printing, let’s understand the concept of print, its types and the pros and cons of overseas printing. Typography is simply the act or process of producing books, magazines, book covers, posters, and cards using printing machines. It also involves printing many copies of a book at one time. Many modern technologies have recently made book printing quick and easy. The various industrial printing techniques are Offset lithography, Flexography, Digital printing: inkjet & xerography, Gravure, and Screen printing. Generally, printing produces multiple copies of text and images using an image carrier to transfer an impression onto a substrate. Print exists as a component of our regular daily existences continually in the form of packaging of goods, books, papers, magazines, mail, or any of the full range of printed materials we utilise daily. Printing is also an important way companies can advertise their products and services. The printing market is divided into commercial, publication, packaging, industrial, and Home and office printing.

    Offshore printing is buying or outsourcing prints abroad in countries like China and Australia, usually by companies, to reduce business costs and make maximum Profit for their authors and clients. Offshoring printing jobs refers to outsourcing, mainly to a different country, for a lower price. Outsourcing is a crucial component of offshore book printing because it involves contracting or sending jobs (printing jobs) to be printed outside a printing or publishing house to manage the other core competencies effectively and efficiently and tap into the outsourced ability of a Printing Company outside the country. We are mainly concerned with offshore printing outsourcing when jobs are done externally outside a particular country with assistance from overseas firms in countries like China and Japan. One of the main reasons why companies print offshore is because of the savings in cost that they will generate when compared to printing locally.


    Would you be ready to get it printed? Offshore Book Printing – Cheap and of the highest quality.

    In China, offshore booking printing involves outsourcing booking jobs from countries like the USA and taking them to be done in China to lower production costs and improve the printing job’s quality. Businesses can expand rapidly using offshoring to access a higher specialised, sophisticated job without incurring an extra charge. China is one of the best countries recommended for offshore book printing. They have firms that offer the most dazzling printing techniques to maximise your books’ quality, look, and feel. For decades, many major publishers have used offshore printers in places as far away as China simply because of the savings. Using overseas book printers in China can help you save up to 30% when printing books of all genres and children’s books, textbooks, cookbooks, calendars, catalogues, journals, and brochures. China Offshore book printing with the latest digital technology makes it easier for a publisher to print in China, where it’s deemed more cost-effective. China, offshore book printing is an excellent way to enable you to bring your product to the market in the most economical way. Aside from the benefits, some of the challenges and risks involved with China’s offshore book printing are; language barriers, shipping delays, job losses, dependence on a service provider, piracy and security issues.

    On the other hand, you are having your books, regardless of whether paper or casebound books and brochures imprinted in China, gives excellent quality printing at truly moderate rates. This is because China has been making progress in carrying out offshore jobs. Book printing is one such area where China has exceeded expectations in its administrations by giving the best quality printing administrations.


    Casebound (Hardcover books) are durable and look great on a bookshelf. If you want to create a top-quality book title, china casebound book printing is your best choice. Hardcover books last longer than paperbacks, which have flexible, easily damaged paper covers and glued spines. Publishers from other countries prefer China casebound book printing because they create high-quality hardcover books with affordable book printing services. A casebound book is a hard-backed book that is strong and durable such as a commemorative book or a register. Casebound books are made of greyboard and covered with printed and laminated paper. Casebound book printing is the ideal book style for many people pursuing excellent collections of books. Likewise, it has become the advancing method for some dealers who use casebound book printing innovation characteristics, for example, its accumulation esteem, visual excellence, etc., to advance their items.


    I want to let you know that China has the most developed ISO-affirmed print generation offices worldwide. This makes it simple for Chinese organisations to give the best printing administrations and guarantee quality control at a bit of cost. The advantages of patronising China’s offshore printing services are:

    • Whether it’s casebound books, softcover books, catalogue design and setting, various binding designs, or board game manufacturing of boxes and papers, you get all at cheap printing prices.
    • Access to specialised expertise is significant when sending printing works to China. You get to deal with well-trained professional individuals with experience working overseas and multinational companies who understand what it means to show professionalism and dedication.
    • The 24-hour (24/7) workforce abroad is another reason for the increased offshore printing.
    • Offshoring enables companies to focus on their core competencies, increase flexibility by achieving their bottom-line budget, and assess their lean production by reducing operating costs, thus increasing Profit.
    • Large print plant capacity and the ability to print large volumes of work within a shorter period are also factors in offshore printing. This is due to the advancement in equipment and technology.


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