Quality, affordable offshore book printing (China and Taiwan)

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For example, dealing directly with a foreign printing company for offshore book printing in China or Taiwan can be risky. The price given to you may indicate that it is cheap. However, there are many other fees, including taxes, that are required to be paid along with the shipment of the goods.

book-printingIn summary, large foreign printing companies such as those you visit online in China and Taiwan are set up to deal with trade publishers and large agencies that ‘speak their language’. Knowledge of the entire offshore book printing pre-press and book printing process is a requirement.

There is a lot of difference between printers in handling files, their processes, and payment and shipping procedures.

In short, we are experienced within this offshore book printing industry. We can communicate with printers in China and Taiwan. We can provide you with a total solution for your offshore printing requirements.

A one-off offshore printing quote will see your offshore experience a walk in the park. A one-off printing quote will help you ensure your files are correct to send to print, and your books are delivered to your nominated address. No more to pay.

You want to avoid any pitfalls and ensure your book printing & publishing goals are fulfilled at a true low offshore cost and be delivered at a fantastic, high-quality printed product, don’t you?

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Quality affordable Book Printing and Binding – offshore (China and Taiwan) for Australia

Offshore printing can provide firm savings between 30% and 60%.

Hence, you deal directly with one person in an Australian book printing and publishing firm specialising in the book trade. We have access to only the highest quality printed products.


How long does overseas/offshore book printing take?

Once we receive your approval of the press proof, the printing, binding, finishing, and packaging can all be done within 2-3 weeks. Ocean freight will take approximately 14-21 days, depending on weather conditions.

Delivery by air will take 3-5 days. However, air delivery is only suitable for small amounts of books, up to 500 perfectly bound books or 1000 saddle stitch books, because of the fair price cost.

What about Customs and Clearance?

Customs clearance and delivery to specified addresses take an extra few days, depending on the staffing.

Can I have a partial delivery early?

Partial air-shipments are included. You can expect a small parcel of your books delivered by air within a short time frame before the main shipment by sea arrives. This will give you the edge on your marketing plan as you can use these books in your marketing venture. Start marketing before the main shipment arrives!

Is there a minimum order for overseas offshore book printing?

500 hardcover books or 1000 paperback books at least. This is for jobs that require more hands-on labour (spiral & double wire-o binding, custom cutting & finishing, etc…) Save the most with overseas printing due to reduced labour costs, regardless of the quantities.

Where can you deliver the shipment?

We offer door-to-door service – we look after all taxes, legal documents and fulfil all customs forms and legalities. Or, if you aren’t going to be available at the time of shipment, we offer storage solutions for up to a negotiated time period.

Will I receive a book proof before the books are all printed?

Incidentally, you will receive a book proof to examine before receiving the large order of your books.  Thus, your book proof will give you a solid view of your layout and colours etc. Your book proof won’t be bound but will be a good representation of your new book.

Therefore, we advise you to take up this offer of an initial book proof. A digital book proof will give you a good idea of how your structure and layout will look. Obviously, if you want to be more precise on colour matching, you may prefer to receive a pre-press proof.

Press proofs can take around 15 days to arrive for your approval.

What if my book proof is not what I expected?

You can go back to your designer with your book proof and have the files altered accordingly. Alternatively: You can enrol a member of our design team at a very reasonable cost.

Quality, affordable offshore book printing (China and Taiwan) for Australia.

Contact us using our website contact form OR using your own email application at this email address: for further information. Request an offshore quote (China Japan Taiwan).

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