How to Become The Next J.K. Rowling

What it takes to be a successful author

Writing an article or a story requires a lot of nerve in that you need to sound interesting while staying informative. If you look at the great writers’ profiles of the past, you would realise that there are certain qualities in a writer that help them get worldwide recognition. For example, J.K. Rowling, the best seller of recent times, would not have achieved the landmarks if she were not dedicated and determined. If you are one of Rowling’s fans and want to follow in her footsteps, here are some things which you need to keep in mind while trying your hand at writing:


1. Creativity

Creativity is the first tool to be possessed by a world-class writer like Rowling. Your creativity will make you stand out of the lot and speak for your communication skills. This is such an important quality in a writer that you will prove your uniqueness and specialty only through your creative skills.


2. Planning

It took J.K. Rowling five years to plan the entire Harry Potter series after coming up with the title character on a delayed train between Manchester and London, waiting until she had planned every last detail of Harry’s life before beginning the novels. You must plan every aspect of your world before you start writing the story because if you don’t know enough about your setting, the readers definitely won’t, and then they’ll get confused and put your book back on the shelf.

The following things need to be clear in your mind before starting to write your book:

a. Characters and their friends/enemies. E.g. Harry, Ron, Hermione, Draco, Lord Voldemort

b. Government and education systems. E.g. Hogwarts, Ministry of Magic

c. Sculpt the entire story and understand the plot overview. E.g. What happens to Harry at the climax of every novel?

d. How will early events intertwine with events to come? For example, In the second Harry Potter novel, Harry destroys Tom Riddle’s diary, which we learn was a Horcrux later in the series. This was the key to destroying Lord Voldemort.

Think about other things that you will have to plan before starting your novel. Every novel is different, and every novel will require different amounts of planning according to the story’s content.


3. Dedication

As the cliché goes, “Try, try hard” an amateur writer aiming to pursue a career in writing idealising J.K. Rowling needs to have conviction and dedication even if you fail in the first instance. This is very important to keep your spirits high in case of failure.


4. Editing

If you’ve spent the considerable amount of time needed to plan the story, then writing the story should be an enjoyable experience. Do not edit while you write; that can stress you out because you’re spending too much time fixing up that one sentence that doesn’t seem to work. J.K. Rowling edited and rewrote the first chapter 15 times. When editing the book, she cut back on a lot of information because she realised that the seven novels’ plots were revealed subtly throughout the first novel, and she didn’t want this. Always edit the piece AFTER you’ve finished the first draft. It allows you to leave time before you start editing, so you are looking at the work with fresh eyes.

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