Sharon Pearson

Fences, Gates and Posts When Sharon decided to give her book a go, that is just what she did. Why did Sharon Pearson decide to visit the Love of Books website? It was the best option to assist with the publishing, printing and marketing of her new book? Care is our main point of difference.  That is who we are as individuals.  Our dedicated book publishing team will take time for you. Apples versus Apples: It may be true that you only get what you pay for….

Why do authors fail with marketing

Book Marketing- The Big M Word John Kremer, America’s leading book marketing expert, was asked about the #1 reason why authors fail in their book marketing. If you had to take a random guess, what would it be? Most people would probably have answered: –         – Lack of know-how –         – No marketing budget –         – Not internet savvy –         – Lack of a marketing plan –         – Poor book title While all these, no…

Book Marketing In Australia

You have your printed book – what is next?   Advancement with book marketing One of the conspicuous disadvantages of independently publishing is that you are totally in charge of your book’s advancement. However, I have observed this to be both testing and rewarding. I utilised and kept on using each method accessible to convey my book to the consideration of expert bodies and Australia’s overall population. Promote yourself Business Cards, Flyers, Posters – visit your neighbourhood printer and converse with them about your needs….

At the end of the day, how can you not realize your publishing dream with all that we have to offer!

Self Publishing Success

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