What Writers Should Avoid

Don’t make the same mistakes that many good writers do

Language is a tool to express your feelings and emotions. You can use it while speaking and if you want to share something with others. But, not everyone is good at using the language effectively and getting the idea across. It requires a unique ability to convey your message such that it has the same effect and impact on the other person, which you want. Writing is one of the best ways of sharing your ideas with your readers. But again, you need to be creative and unique about the choice of words and of course, you need to be grammatically correct as far as the usage of language is concerned. Now, if you want to share a fantastic story with others and impress them with your writing skills, here are some tips to follow so that you do not make the same mistake as many other writers are making.

Understand the feeling

Depending on the nature of your piece of writing, you need to sound interesting. It implies that your expressions should grab the attention of your readers. If you have a funny or comic story to tell, the story’s tone should be light; otherwise, a boring story would not leave the proper impact on the readers’ minds. Similarly, if it is a horror or suspense sort of story, you should change your expression accordingly. Now you must keep in mind that it is not just the choice of words that matters but the sentence structure and the tone of the story counts a great deal to serve your purpose.

Command on Language

It is essential to fully command the language’s technical aspects when discussing any writing piece’s sentence structure and layout. If you do not use the proper vocabulary and grammar, the idea will get across, and you will fail to convey your message. Most of the writers try their hand at writing without prior and basic knowledge of the language, and therefore, they do not survive in the market for long.

Avoid Fluff

Now, most of the new and enthusiastic writers trying to impress the readers confuse the fluffing of words with the appropriate use of language. Yes! It is the biggest mistake which they make, and you should avoid it. Knowing the language is a must, but it is not advisable to use complex words when writing anything. It may have a negative impact on the readers if you get something wrong while trying to impress them.

Keep it Short and Simple

Do not use advanced vocabulary at all. A simple worded story will be more effective than the one having difficult words. The readers would get lost in the words of the story instead of understanding it. They would not be able to enjoy the very crux of the matter and might lose interest.
These are just the essential tips that may save your writing career and improve your readership if followed.

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