Publishers Scared by Writers


Publishers terrified of online writing domain

The Current Market

The modern age is recognised by the establishment of more different kinds of businesses. The world has become a global marketplace where everyone has come to sell or buy something. Although it is about a mutual give and take, it also puts both parties under extreme pressure if either defaults. Commercialism has compelled people to put everything on sale, whether it is tangible or intangible. For example, besides material things, literary work is also sold and bought these days – Creative arts, including writing, painting, sculpturing, poetry, and even vocals.

You can find millions of writers and intellectuals ready to sell the rights of their written material. It is not that the buyers are not available in equal numbers, but the point is that the publishers or buyers have their requirements. The writers sometimes do not pay attention to details and commit professional dishonesty; the publisher bears the brunt.

The writers cater to the needs of the researchers and academic experts, but they also tend to play games when it comes to publishing their work. The publishing houses face serious problems as far as the practices of writers are concerned. Especially in the online writing domain, publishers are terrified and apprehensive while getting online writers’ work.

There are many reasons for their hesitation. The most understandable one is that since online writers cannot be monitored or questioned physically by the publisher, they take the assignments for granted. The quality is not maintained, and the publisher needs to check for plagiarism and language before publishing it online.

Conventional Writers

Conventional writers are also challenging to handle as the material’s timely submission becomes a severe issue. Most writers do not comply with the publishing house’s rules and regulations, putting the company under deep waters. Discipline must be maintained, and expected of literary people to observe the regulations more than ordinary people, but unfortunately, they take things easy. Since they know they are the game’s leading players, they exploit the publishers’ needs and make life difficult.

Not just this, but quality matters also pose a severe threat to the publishing houses’ work. The writers don’t need to work consistently, giving the same quality. It is so observed that the new writers primarily work hard on their first assignments, and the quality keeps deteriorating with each subsequent task. Quality assurance is one of the primary issues the publisher faces for the same reason.

The writers need to realise that they are responsible people of society and can bring about a positive change among the masses if they work with discipline.

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