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Why some publishing companies dread writers’ works

Having good communication skills is definitely an art, and it is a special gift to those who are blessed and meant to make a difference. Writing is one way of expressing yourself effectively and can leave the reader spellbound and impressed. However, it is not an easy task to do and not everyone can have excellence over the skill of writing. Internet is flooded with the various platforms where writers get their pieces of writing published and get appreciation. But, it is worthy to note that writers sometimes do not follow the rules of the game and put the publishers in a difficult position, which is why they are careful while picking the writers. Some of the basic reasons why publishing companies dread the writers’ works are as follows:


Mostly, writers do not follow the regulations as prescribed by the publisher and this can make life difficult for the publishers. A very serious issue regarding discipline and regularity arises when the writers do not submit the content at the given time. It not only gives out a bad impression but also disturbs the whole schedule of the publishing company. For the same reason, if you go through the introductory page of the publishing websites, the timely submission of the content is strictly emphasized.


Another serious threat to the credibility of the publisher arises in the form of the plagiarized content being submitted by the writers. If the publisher uploads a copied piece of writing on the website without checking for plagiarism, it may cost them heavily both in monetary as well as non-monetary terms. It is the reputation and reliability of the publisher which is at stake. This is why the publishers use various tools to check for the plagiarized content these days.


The required quality is ensured by only a few writers. The whole practice of hiring the writers by the publishers is about having quality content in order to increase the traffic on the website. But if the writers are not capable enough to write properly, the publishing companies face the problems ultimately.

Language Skills

The command of the language is very essential in this regard and the publishers find it hard to judge the best lot of the writers. The correct usage of grammar and language is an art that cannot be learnt or acquired. You are either expert at the language or you are not. It serves as a double-edged sword for the publishing companies to make the right choice while hiring the writers.

The publishing business requires a great deal of patience and analytical qualities as you need to differentiate competent writers from hundreds and thousands of applicants. Although there is an element of risk-sharing. However, publishers have a lot at stake as compared to the writers. The situation is further worsened when the writers do not respond according to the instructions of the publishing company. Therefore, the publishers now tend to scrutinize the writers by adopting various methods.

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