Publishers Mistreating Writers


Publishing Companies are not fair to writers

These days, online writing is a source of income for most students who want to polish their writing skills and earn a few extra dollars for the family. It is indeed the best way to test your communication skills, and many people find it easy to make an earning while staying at home. Young mothers having babies cannot afford to work an office job, but if they have got the skills to play with words, they can easily find a way out of their financial dependency. For the same reason, online writing and publishing businesses are on the boom as it is profitable for both parties. However, there is a downside for writers that make them stand at a losing end at times.

Here is a brief account of how the publishing companies screw the writers to get the work done:


No Communication

The online business is easy to operate but carries an inherent risk as the parties are not being physically introduced to each other. The same goes for the publishing business. You never know if your publisher will keep his promise of paying you at the given time or not. It makes the writer’s life miserable because the internet is flooded with complaints about writers falling prey to fraudulent publishers. A writer who is making good use of his or her writing skills is doing it for a reason, which might be financial independence, and if this purpose isn’t attained, the whole exercise goes down the drain.



Suppose you look at various forums for online writers. In that case, you will notice that many publishers are working under the brand of reputable companies, doing great business in the market but at the cost of getting online content written by authors without payment. It is a severe issue as far as intellectual property rights are concerned. If the publishers do not pay for a particular piece of writing, they do not have any right to publish it. But on the internet, as electronic email is the only source of communication, writers keep approaching the publishing company through emails. In the meantime, their content is published on the internet.



However, some online writing websites serve as platforms for publishers and writers and provide some protection to writers by offering consultancy services. It is undoubtedly a sigh of relief for writers as they now approach the mediating authority when the publisher or buyer defaults. Another alternative for writers is to upload their unpaid content on their blogs with a disclaimer that they originally wrote. No one else is entitled to the ownership of the piece of writing.

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