The Importance of Engaging a Professional Editor


Every manuscript should be professionally edited.

Even if you are a great writer, you are not perfect. Nobody is, and that’s why all manuscripts need to be edited.

What is the best way to go? Should you edit your manuscripts yourself or find somebody else to do it? It is not one of those questions that can be answered by “it depends”. The only valid excuse you could ever have not to employ someone to edit your manuscript is if your finances will not allow it. Also, have your manuscript edited; do not do it yourself.

Even if you feel that your editing skills are enough to self-edit your novel, still have it looked at by another person. You’ve become so attached to the story by the time that it’s finished that – for example – it becomes increasingly difficult to spot the word ‘become’ when it was written as ‘became’. It is also difficult to realise that the character isn’t three-dimensional or that the characters’ motives are unjustified.

Never treat finding an editor as a necessary evil. On the contrary, the editor can play a vital role in publishing your book and making you a better writer. So make sure you use a good one.


A good editor should deliver some particular services

The main one is to communicate with you. Once you approach an editor, you are exposing yourself to criticism. A good editor should be able to criticise without holding back. There is a condition to this: criticism should always be constructive. It should aim to make right what is wrong and better what is weak.

Therefore, if the editor says “no”, you do not have the right to say “yes”. You have the right to ask, “Why not?” The answer to that question will turn you into a better writer if you accept it and learn from it. You also have the right to expect at least some positive feedback from your editor.

Also, remember that even before you approach the editor, editors specialise. So, for example, do not take a detective novel to someone specialising in children’s books. If the editor is willing to take on any manuscript, stay away.

The fact that an editor has seen your book does not guarantee that you will be happy that the book is clean. So prepare yourself to approach and pay for more than one editor.

An aspect that can sink any dreams you may have to get a book published is your manuscript’s formatting. This is very important but often overlooked. Publishing houses want books formatted in a specific manner. Good editors will be able to help you overcome this hurdle.

Pay your editor in advance. Then, listen to your editor’s comments and suggestions.

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