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With VHS tape production, large, cumbersome movie cameras use these tapes to record family events and play them on your VCR and TV. Later, companies developed smaller, cheaper digital movie cameras, and these movies could also be played directly from the camera to your television, and the sales went wild.

The digital still camera became popular, and the digital movie camera went from three versions of digital tape to a mini-CD. In the meantime, digital camera sales have rocketed, and various versions, attachments and recording media have been developed.

Suppose you were one of the people who used an old 8mm or Super 8mm movie camera and now want to watch those old movies. In that case, it is challenging to find projectors to view them on, or if you have a VHS movie camera, which has long since been retired (probably in the same place as your old camera).

The only thing that has remained constant in recording family history over the past several hundred years is books. You don’t need any special machinery to view them; they don’t go obsolete and last for generations.

If you are one of the lucky families who used a family Bible to record aspects of your family over the generations, consider yourself very fortunate. But now you can do even better. With the technologies available today, anyone can assemble a Family History Book. Moreover, you can combine pictures and text to make some of the most exciting and compelling books you will ever read. As a result, your entire family will cherish family History Books for generations to come.

Most families can access at least one home computer and often a scanner to scan old pictures. Making a family book is fun and easy. All you need to get started is a home computer with some word processing software, e.g., Word, Works or WordPerfect. If you have a scanner and want to add pictures to your document, you will make your book much more exciting and valuable.

Remember that if you want to use colour pictures throughout your book, you must get your book printed on a colour printing machine. Therefore, more expensive to reproduce than a B&W book. (In some cases, you can insert individual colour pages into a B&W book, but this service can add up in cost, too, unless you only have a few colour pictures you want to add).

One of the first things to do before you even get started is to contact all your family members. You will want to do this for two reasons; first, you will want to get pictures and information from them for the book, and second, you will want to know how many people might be interested in getting a book when it is finally printed. The more books you can get published, the less it will cost everyone to get a piece of family history.

We recommend contacting a quality book printer or self-publisher before starting your family history book to get details on how to proceed.

We can assist you with all the information you need to publish your Family History Book successfully: From the critical cover design to the formatting/layout options instructions. Book Printing prices in Hardcover and Paperback options.

Pictures, for example, should be in at least 300 dot-per-inch sizes; otherwise, they do not reproduce well. It would also be beneficial to use one of the better-quality word processing packages; this may also save you money later on if you need to make conversions. Once you understand some of the criteria necessary to complete your book the best possible, you can begin your project. Since this book will be around for many decades, you will want to take a bit more time, in the beginning to ensure you understand the best ways to proceed.

In short, it is pretty easy to become the author of a valuable piece of family history. You will be able to make this book exactly how you want, which is one of the features that will make it so valuable in the future.

So… go ahead and get started. These kinds of projects are fun for everyone. Your family members will enjoy digging out old family pictures and relating stories to you. You might even want to add a family reunion before you complete the book. Wouldn’t having a group photo to go into the book would be nice? Imagine the fun you can have, creating a lasting legacy of your family’s history.

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