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Online Support

How can we give you the support you need to self publish your new book?

Answers: How to receive support to self publish your new books if we can not attend to your residence during the mandatory lockdown.

You can download an application that lets us work with you on your own computer to assist you on your publishing journey better.

Let Us Begin: Instructions for Team Viewer Application

Download the TeamViewer application from here-

Click the ‘Windows Link’ first, located at the top of this page.

Then click the green ‘Download Team Viewer Link’.

It may prompt you to save the program setup file somewhere. Do this.

Once the program has downloaded: Click its Blue Square Icon.

Another box will appear:

In this box, click the ‘default installation’ circle selection choice under the ‘How do you want to proceed question?’

Click ‘Personal’ under the ‘How do you want to use TeamViewer question?’

Then click the ‘accept and finish tab’.

Next        Click   ’YES’ to complete the installation.


Tell me your partner ID and Password that is positioned in the box centre.

Your self-publishing journey is important to us.

Each time we need to connect click the blue Teamviewer Icon on your desktop and tell me your ID and Password.

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At the end of the day, how can you not realize your publishing dream with all that we have to offer!

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