The Internet: Our Saviour?

The Internet does make it easier for writers to self publish

Global Village

The internet has turned the world into a global village presenting the solutions to many problems. Everything has been automated by virtue of technology. It has not only brought a revolution in knowledge sharing but also in the literary aspect. This refers to the fact that now everything has been made easy by information technology, even the process of writing and publishing can be initiated on the internet. This has solved the problems for the writers as they do not need to look forward to the response of the publishing houses in order to publish their articles.

During the last decade or so, online writing has come a long way. Educated people who cannot manage to join a full-time office job like to pursue a career in online writing. This not only serves as a respectable source of income but also a healthy activity while sitting at home. Especially the young mothers with infants who cannot do an outdoor job find it easy to earn from their homes while staying in contact with their little ones.

Recognition and Respect

This is not just about the element of income; writers need to have the recognition and the respect for their work that they could not get when they used to take help from the publishing companies. But now the situation has improved a lot for them. On the internet, there are thousands of websites where blogging is possible. Blogging is like creating your private corner or a platform in the vast world of the internet where you can post your ideas and thoughts and make them available for the users to read. In fact, it has also given rise to a whole different form of business. People create their blogs and earn with each click on the blog post. Yet again, the aspect of financial independence has come in to play.

The self-publishing process does not take much time and is easy to handle by both the writers and the readers. With the increasing trend of research on the internet, the writers have been compelled to write more on diverse topics so as to cater to the academic needs of the researchers. For the same reason, the experts of almost all fields tend to share their knowledge on the internet using their communication skills.

The importance of the internet has increased manifold and if the current situation is carefully observed, it comes out to be the online writers who have played their due role in making knowledge sharing the greatest success of the millennium. The writers have not only solved their own problems of publishing but they also took an active part in making the internet a hub of information about anything and everything.

The revolution of online self-publishing has become a bloodline of the internet, which was once a dream. Now the writers are not exploited at the hands of the publishing companies for their publications and get the respect they deserve.

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