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Frequently Asked Questions

Press proofs generally arrive about 7-10 days after your files are confirmed as ready to be printed. Your postcode area will determine the delivery times in some instances.
From 250 hardcover books or 500 paperback books is the recommended order for offshore book printing.
It can take approx four to six weeks from production to your door.
You can make changes to your files. Printing, binding or finishing options may also apply.
Yes, we can deliver your books, with a valid shipping address anywhere in the world.
We know what print supplier will match your book design perfectly. You are assured of quality, a great price as well as good turnaround time. Our offshore printers have provided us with a proven track record of quality and attention to detail in the past years. You are given one complete cost on your quote form. We take care of all duties, taxes etc. Your new books are delivered straight to your door.
Yes, contact us to arrange a suitable time, either by phone or in person.(For in-person consultations: Available in some areas throughout Queensland and subject to availability).
We FULLY guarantee the quality of ALL manufactured books. Books printed through us are world-class in regards to quality. Using ony the finest materials and print machines.
We give you an all-inclusive quote for your offshore book printing requirement. We take care of all the required legalities and fees.
Inks used are plant based. Soya ink.
No- trees used. Paper is wood-free.
We offer a complete door-to-door service. We take care of all taxes, legal documents, customs forms, and legalities.
We do endeavour to keep as much book printing in Australia as possible to protect our economy. Quality Hard Cover Books printed in colour are more affordable printed offshore.
We check your files thoroughly to ensure the layout is suited to your specified book size.
Bank transfer is the preferred method of payment. You can also go into your local branch and organise the payment process using our Company BSB and Account number.
Staff on the team have been working with overseas print suppliers for an average of 12 years.
A book launch should be organised when we confirm in writing the actual date for the arrival of the books.
Yes, talk to us when placing your order. It is often a good option to have a small amount of books on hand for promotion purposes.


Why Choose Us? 

We are an established Australian offshore printing specialist with 12 years of experience in the overseas China printing industry trade. We understand the ins and outs of the printing process. We can help authors avoid costly mistakes. We work with only a few unique, tried and tested Chinese Book Printing Companies. This will save you time, money, and expensive errors. Whether you’re your author or an experienced author, we can help you become a published author.

With book printing jobs that require more hands-on labour (spiral & double wire-o binding, custom cutting & finishing, etc.), these books save the most money with overseas printing due to inexpensive labour costs, regardless of the quantities.

The paper stock for large book orders of 200 or more books is environmentally friendly. It is either wood-free or contains some recycled paper stock.
The environment is important to us!

Our printing resources support only green, environmentally-friendly printing factories with long-standing, proven credentials.

These green printing initiatives include the use of non-toxic and recycled materials. FSC/COC certified materials, waste recovery, sewage treatment, low power consumption factories, EICC & FSC/COC certificates. We look forward to continuing these initiatives to ensure we remain at the forefront of environmental sustainability.

Eco-Friendly Printing – NO Trees used or recycled paper along with Soy-Based Inks. 

Risk Removed + Increased Profit

Deal directly with a foreign offshore or China printing company at your peril!
Due to client demand for large-run book printing, we have established relationships with competitive, reliable suppliers from China. They hold a state of the art facilities and print machines. We have forged strong relationships with their respective client managers.

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At the end of the day, how can you not realize your publishing dream with all that we have to offer!

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