Book Printing Tips

Valuable Tips for Book Printing

Books are valuable because they broaden the knowledge of people. They serve as a vital resource of information ranging from different topics. They foster education and help develop people’s intellectual, analytical and communicative skills.

Book printing is never easy if you don’t know what book to print and how. Given that, you should consider some essential factors for efficiently publishing your book.

Here are some tips you must consider if you want your work published.

Write a book

Think of what to write. If you want to create a nonfiction book, you should ensure it is according to the readers’ needs. It would be best if you did some research for you to come up with a well-written book. A good book consists of crucial elements like the front matter, the book’s body, and its end.

Think of a good title for your book.

Furthermore, the title of your book should be something that secures the readers’ interest. For example, if you’re writing a nonfiction book, you must pick a title that immediately says something about the book’s topic.

Get some feedback

Also, when you’ve finished writing the book, it would be of particular help if you let people give you some comments about it. You should be ready to listen to what they think about your book. Knowing what the readers like and don’t like what you have written would be helpful. Know the positive and negative points of your book and improve what needs to be improved. Finally, have a professional comment on your book.

Also, printing your own book can be a dream come true. With advancements in technology, you can quickly realise this dream. Many commercial printers are offering different printing services in the market. You can learn about your book printing options from these printers and produce a book according to your specifications.

Tips on Book Printing

Book printing does not only mean putting ink on paper. Printing involves several aspects that influence the overall appearance of the book. Therefore, you should approach all the areas of book printing carefully. Here are a few tips you must consider while preparing to print your book:


  1. Size of the book: It is crucial to first decide on the size of your book. Different sizes are available for various purposes. For example, there are handbooks, manuals and mass markets. Choose the size that will enhance your book’s appearance and overall appeal.
  2. Method of printing: There are mainly three book printing types: web press, lithography printing and digital printing.

Web Press printing is generally for a large printing run and in the range of 10,000 or greater.

Lithography printing (offset printing – or sheet-fed) is generally used with book runs of 500 to 10,000 runs.

Subsequently, digital book printing is used for book runs ranging from 1 to 500 books. Although the unit cost exceeds lithograph printing, the overall cost is less when a smaller quantity run is used in “Testing-The-Market.”


  1. Print on Demand: Print on Demand (POD) means that more book copies can be printed only when customers order them. It saves time, money and paper.
  2. Formatting: Formatting is an essential factor that makes your book attractive and practical. Strange spaces, inappropriate fonts and incorrect margins can make your book look clumsy. Make sure that your printer provides the correct formatting for your text. Typically, a printer will only print your books. You must engage a publisher or experienced designer to format the content.
  3. Binding: There are many types of bookbindings, such as pamphlet binding, saddle-stitched binding, side wire binding, spiral/coil binding, comb binding, perfect binding, lay-flat perfect binding, case/hardbound adhesive, case/hardbound Smyth sewed, children’s case/hardbound, children’s board books and children’s pop-up books. You can ask the printer for a particular type of binding, according to your preference.


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