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Let the experts take care of the fine details and your budget does the rest. Choose from several book printing options for all your Book Printing – China Offshore requirements. Eco Friendly Printing – NO Trees used- Soya Based Inks. 

Take advantage of our FREE printing resources to help set you up for success with Book Printing – China Offshore.

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Book Binding Options

We maximize our expertise to bring you discounted rates, shipping costs, and fees by collaborating with industry professionals and allowing us to print books to fulfill any request large or small.

We have years of established business relationships with quality vendors china and offshore. In fact worldwide to simplify the printing process for new authors ready to print their books. We hand-select specific vendors based on our client’s needs and take care of everything. Count on us as the best possible option for a quality printing resource in China – offshore to maximize your profits and miniEco Freindly Book Printmize any potential risk.

Working with an industry leader like us will prevent you from paying costly mistakes. Rest easy knowing we are picky about who we work with. We only choose vendors with a long history of quality, expertise and timely production. We only work with Offshore Suppliers with a long history of making their and our clients happy. We do prefer to use local vendors whenever possible.

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Chat with an expert about your book printing requirements and we’ll be sure to find the right services to fit your unique needs. Just complete our request form to get started.
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How it Works!
First, we recommend starting with a FREE consultation with one of our trained expert staff members to make sure we understand your unique needs. You can begin your consultation by filling out our request form above.

Once your order is complete, and payment is verified, you’ll receive an original press proof by mail. Generally speaking, it could take about 10 business days after your order is complete to arrive at your specified shipping address for offshore orders. Take your time with your book proof, make any necessary changes to your files and call your consultant if you are not sure of any part of the printing process.

At this point, you’ll have an opportunity to examine the press proof and make last-minute changes to the printing, binding, or finishing. When you are 100% satisfied with the proof, we will move forward to the production of your new books. Production generally takes about 4-weeks after that to box-up and complete your order.

*Expedited shipping via offshore is available by request. Speak with a representative to find out how to get part of your printed book order in as little as 2 weeks depending on your unique situation and location. Call us at 1300 556 529 to get a custom offshore shipping quote.


Question: How long does it usually take for a printing request to arrive?

Answer: Once your press proof is approved it takes about 4-weeks for production and depending on your shipping choice your books will arrive a weeks later. 

Question: How long does it usually take to get your press proof delivered?

Answer: Press proofs generally arrive about 10 days after your order is confirmed. 

Question: What changes can I make to the press proof? 

Answer: You can make changes to printing, binding, or finishing.

Question: Is there a minimum order requirement?

Answer: Yes, we do have a minimum order requirement. We require you to purchase at least 200 hardcover books or 500 paperback books for offshore printing.

Question: Do you deliver worldwide? 

Answer: Yes, we can deliver anywhere in the world with a valid shipping address and can make all of the proper arrangements for taxes and shipping rates for you. 

Question: Can I pick-up my order in-person?  

Answer: Yes, we allow pickup at several sea ports.

Question: Can you help me with the design of my book? 

Answer: Yes, we offer custom design consultations based on your needs.

Question: Do you offer consultations?  

Answer: Yes, we sure do. Give us a call at 1300 556 529 or fill out a request form to get started.

Question: Do you offer custom packaging? 

Answer: Yes, we can produce books many different books styles and packing options.  

Question: Do you offer in-person consultations? 

Answer: Yes, if you are located in Brisbane North, Brisbane South, Brisbane West, Brisbane East, South Burnett, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast Australia we can arrange an in-person meeting for you.  

Question: Can THIS RESOURCE deliver the job to a destination I specify?
Answer: We offer door-to-door service – we look after all taxes, legal documents and fulfill all customs forms and legalities.

Why Choose Us? 

We are an established Australian offshore printing specialist with 12 years of experience in the offshore China printing industry trade. We understand the ins and outs of the printing process. We can help authors avoid costly mistakes. We work with a unique few Chinese book printers to save you time and money depending on your specific needs. Whether you’re a new author or an experienced author we can help you along this journey of becoming a published author.

Usually book printing jobs that require more hands-on labor (spiral & double wire-o binding, custom cutting & finishing, etc…) save the most money with overseas printing due to inexpensive labor costs; regardless of the quantities.

The paper stock for large book orders of 200 or more books is environmentally friendly. It is either wood free or recycled paper stock.
The environment is important to us!

Our printing resources supports only green environmental friendly factories with credentials.

These green printing initiatives include: The use of non-toxic and recycled materials. FSC/COC certified materials, waste recovery, sewage treatment, low power consumption factories, EICC & FSC/COC certificates. We look forward to continuing these initiatives to ensure that we remain at the forefront of environmental sustainability. Eco Friendly Printing – NO Trees used- Soya Based Inks. 

Risk Removed + Increased Profit
Deal directly with a foreign offshore or china printing company at your own peril!
Due to client demand for large run book printing, we established relationships with competitive, reliable suppliers from China. They have state of the art facilities and we have forge strong relationships with their respective client managers.

Question: What are some of the benefits of working with our printing provider for your offshore printing?
Answer: We know what supplier to match your job with based on your quality, price, turnaround and delivery requirements. In the past years our offshore printers have provided us with a proven track record of quality and attention to detail.

Question: What about Australia?

Answer: We do endeavor to keep as much printing in Australia as possible to protect our economy. 

The quality of good overseas printing suppliers is absolutely suburb. We have hand picked only the best. 

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